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  • 2020-06-15

Have you been dreaming of your own YouTube career for a long time? Philipp Laude or Michael Buchinger are your great role models? We’ll show you how to become a YouTube star yourself in 10 easy steps. But don’t forget: To be really successful, you need a bit of talent, a brilliant idea and the right commitment!

Think about what you are good at

In most cases, YouTube videos are funny or help viewers learn something. So these are often tutorials. Ideally, you combine these two things together and do a fun tutorial. It is therefore advisable to make videos about something that you are good at or that you know well about. Examples of this can be make-up tutorials or tutorials about various computer programs or computer games. But learning an instrument or tutorials about crafting, repairing etc. of cars or other objects can also often be found on YouTube. Often you can also see artists who just film themselves while making music or people who make funny sketches and short films and put them online. So before you get started, it’s important to find out first

Choose content that requires continuation

It is especially important to upload videos regularly in order to continuously supply your subscribers with new content. If you want to reach many subscribers, you should therefore look for a topic that you can build on well and that requires continuations. Always think of something new, but stay true to a recognizable, continuous line so that you can establish your own trademark.

Pick a location

Find a good place to record your video. It is important that you feel comfortable there and like to present yourself. Depending on what type of video you want to make, it is advisable to choose the background to match. If you explain something to your audience about cars, you can position yourself in the garage. If you sing a song and play guitar while doing it, it will be nice to sit in your room. If you want to shoot a factual video, it is best to place yourself against a neutral background.

Take care of the recording device

Next you should decide what you want to record your video with. Depending on the desired professionalism and quality and depending on your available budget, you can either use the integrated laptop camera, shoot the video with your smartphone, use a reflex camera or a camcorder. You should also pay attention to the tone. It’s especially important when you’re recording a song. Either you use the integrated microphone of your laptop or you get an external microphone. In any case, make a few test recordings of the picture and sound and have a look at them before uploading your video. So you can find out what you should improve!

Set up a channel on YouTube

Next you have to set up your own YouTube channel. It’s quick and very easy. YouTube also offers helpful descriptions for this. It is important that you upload a good picture of yourself or the thing at stake and choose an appropriate name. The right name is important so that you can be found by prospective customers and you know immediately what to expect.

Record your first video

Record a first video telling who you are, why you’re making YouTube videos, and what your channel is about. Make sure that you look authentic and natural. Spectators quickly notice when you are fooling them. It’s also important that you give them an idea of  what to expect in the next few videos.

Cut your video

There are already many free programs like iMovie or Windows MovieMaker on every PC or laptop. If you have more budget and want to make more professional videos, you can also organize FinalCut or Adobe Premiere. If you don’t yet know how to cut videos, we have good news for you: Of course there are a lot of tutorials on video editing with a variety of programs on YouTube to watch.

Upload your video to YouTube

Uploading itself is easy. It is more difficult to write an appropriate description or to find the right title, good hashtags or keywords. Take a little time and think about it: How is the best way to make your video aware of people who might be interested in your video? Which text would appeal to you? What would you most likely be looking for? Orientate yourself! The easier you are found, the better it is for you and the views of your videos.

Share the video on social networks

Now it is important that you circulate your video and make it known! To do this, you should first use your social network relationships. The more people watch, like, share and comment on your video, the more your channel will be noticed. This increases the chance that they will subscribe to you and watch your next videos. Share the video on your own account and ask your friends to share your video. It is also helpful for you to mark friends you think might interest you. If you’re lucky, your video will get around quickly and reach many interested people.

Actively take care of your community

Respond to your subscribers’ feedback individually by replying to each comment. Respond promptly to show them that you take their opinion seriously and are committed! If they feel they are being heard, they will comment on your videos more often.

Do not forget to refer to your channel in any of your videos and motivate your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It’s also a good idea to announce your next videos and make allusions to your old videos. This is the only way you can ensure that your viewers also watch other videos of you and that it does not remain just one. Another tip is to actively ask them to share, like and comment. You will be surprised at how many will follow these requests!

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