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  • 2020-05-14

At the beginning of the year, On the occasion of CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Twitter announced that there would be changes in its social network, most of them focused on trying to cope with those users who make inappropriate use of the platform, specifically that would  allow each user to choose the person who can reply to your tweets .

This new function, which was introduced in society several months ago, has already reached the social network, although at the moment it is available to a small group of users. Over the next few weeks, as usual with this type of updates, it will reach the rest of the platform’s users, until everyone can have the possibility of dealing with the «trolls» that have on the net.

From the platform they consider that it is fundamental for the development of deep conversations that the user can choose the people he wants to be able to respond to them and limit those who only do it to annoy, which will allow users to enjoy greater privacy .

How this feature works

At the moment, a small group of users can access this new function, regardless of whether they use the social network through the desktop web version or in mobile applications for the different operating systems. If you do not have it active yet, remember that it is important that you have your applications updated and that you also have patience until it reaches your account.

As they usually do on social networks, these news are gradually reaching the different accounts on the platform.

If you want to know how it works, whether you already have it active or if you will have it soon, you will start to see how a new button will appear at the bottom of the tweet that you are going to publish, with which you can set the  response permission settings,  which be different for each message. However, you should bear in mind that the configuration cannot be changed once the tweet has been published .

By default, and if you don’t touch anything, Twitter will keep the Everyone option turned on  , but you can easily choose whether you want them to reply to your Tweet  People you follow or  Only people you mention, so you can customize the responses. In this way you will ensure that you cannot receive responses from people who do not interest you.

This is a good way to be able to have more restricted conversations with your friends or acquaintances, or with some people in particular. This is really useful, since, for example, if you choose that only the mentioned people can respond, you can have a conversation, even if its content is public, only with that person, without others who can appear in the middle of the conversation and give answers without contributing anything and only causing discomfort.

This new feature may not be a great novelty for those who have small accounts and few followers, but it will be very useful for celebrities and influencers, as well as anyone who has a large number of people behind them. In this way, you will avoid having people who can “annoy”, with the advantage of being able to choose it only for certain tweets, which in this way will be seen by all members of the conversation in an appropriate way and without distractions.

In any case, you should bear in mind that these permissions that you can adjust only influence when it comes to making responses, so that even if you restrict other people’s comments, anyone will be able to continue reading the conversations in addition to the rest of the usual functions and interactions , such as doing retweets, liking or saving it.

In the event that you reach a message that is restricted and in which you cannot comment, you will find that under the tweet a label appears that warns of the configuration, in addition to which you will find the response button in gray, so that you can know at all times that you do not have permission to be part of that conversation.

These news are only available to a limited group of people worldwide, as confirmed by the social network through its website.

“ Being able to participate and understand what is happening is key to having valuable public conversations. Therefore, we are exploring how we can improve this setting and give people more opportunities to reflect while giving greater control over conversations to those who initiate dialogue. «,  Indicate from Twitter, that

Improved reading in conversations

On the other hand, Twitter has recalled that it is working to continue improving its characteristics, making reading easier thanks to a  new design of responses and retweets with more visible comments .

In this way, the platform continues to work to make the experience of users who make use of its platform more and more intuitive and practical. The new conversation settings are meant to improve conversations within a platform that continues to be used daily by millions of people around the world.

In fact, Twitter is the first place that users go to comment on those events, news and situations that are happening live, as well as to send messages that want fast and immediate dissemination, either to give news. or communicate any other information.

Any viral content appears in one of its first phases, if not the first one on Twitter, where the simplicity of use and the possibility of enjoying great visibility and scope makes it a platform on which anyone and especially a brand or company should be present.

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