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  • 2020-06-04

Twitter already offers the possibility that users can schedule their tweets both from the mobile application available for iOS or Android and in the web version, a feature that until just a few days ago was only available through the Twitter service,  Tweetdeck  or turning to other third-party platforms.

However, for many users it was a bit cumbersome to resort to this type of system and it was strange that a platform like Twitter did not allow to program Tweets as it could be done on Facebook for years. Fortunately, Twitter has decided to listen to users and it is now possible to  schedule tweets with the official application.

The scheduling of tweets

Users who make intensive use of Twitter will know that they have always had to resort to platforms and services such as Later, HootSuite and the like, which for many have been an essential element over the last few years, either by resorting to other applications or the aforementioned Tweetdeck owned by Twitter.

Through this programming it is possible to make a  constant publication calendar , so that you do not have to always be aware of the hours to make your publications. It is much more convenient to be able to schedule publications than to have to publish them manually.

This is key to avoiding delays in posting and getting them to post right at the time they should. Actually, the programming of content on social networks is something really useful, not so much for conventional users but for brands or companies, in which it is about scheduling publications so that they are published at the established and most appropriate times.

In fact, after analyzing the time periods in which the publications have a better interaction by users and greater visibility, it is ideal to be able to program them so that they do not exceed that indicated time. Therefore we are going to teach you  how to schedule tweets with the official application .

How to schedule tweets in the Twitter app

It is now possible to  schedule tweets from the Twitter app , so you can write and schedule your posts in a simple and fast way. The process is very simple, but in any case we will indicate it step by step below so that you do not have any type of doubt.

The first thing you should do is go to  Twitter and write your tweet as you usually do, adding image, text and links if you wish. Once you have prepared your tweet, just click on the icon that appears at the bottom of the text box that has  a drawing of a calendar and a clock .

After clicking on it, the following window will appear:

In it you can find a new window in which you can choose the exact date, indicating the day, month and year, in addition to the hour and minute. Once this is done, you just have to click on  Confirm , so that it is programmed the Tweet.

In that same window you will see a button called  Scheduled Tweets , where you can check all the Tweets not sent, whether you have them as a draft or scheduled. In this way, if you regret it, you can delete the publication whenever you want or simply if you want to modify it to edit any topic.

You should keep in mind that  the programming option is only available on the web at the moment , not in official clients via application. However, keep in mind that it probably won’t take long to appear. In any case, you can access from any mobile phone, going to Twitter through the smartphone browser at

In this way, Twitter continues to try to launch improvements to its services, a novelty that comes after new functions and features that allow you to choose, for example, who can or cannot reply to your messages or the new design of conversations.

Twitter and offensive responses

In order to avoid comments that may incite hatred or violence on Twitter, the social network created a moderation tool to warn users before making responses to a tweet that may be offensive or harmful to other people.

The new update is for limited use and is available for the moment only for iOS devices and so far as a test so that the social network itself can control the misuse of the platform by some users.

At the moment it is unknown how Twitter classifies harmful language according to its policies. The platform must be able to deal with threats of violence and content that is related to terrorism, harassment and abuse.

The objective of Twitter is to give all its users greater coverage against possible malicious comments or other negative attitudes that may be given by some users of the social platform. For this reason, it works to offer a greater number of alternatives to users and to make the platform more protected against abuse and the like.

Although free expression is a right, as the social network itself states in its rules and policies document, it tries to make all users create and share their ideas, information, opinions and beliefs without limits, but it also tries to combat Abuse that is motivated by hate, prejudice, or intelergency reasons. Above all, it tries to cope with the abuse that seeks to silence the voices of those who have always been marginalized. For this reason, the platform tries to prohibit behavior directed at people with abuse that is based on the protected category.

In this way Twitter follows in the footsteps of other social networks such as Instagram , where it already has a tool to warn users when a publication is made that it will not be correct.

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