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  • 2019-12-11

TikTok is a social network to record short music videos, edit them, add stickers and share them to win hearts. 

There are many social networks and new ones appear every day, making it difficult to gain a foothold in this market dominated by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, TikTok has succeeded, a social network based on short music videos recorded by its own users. How did you do it? For focusing their app to the teenage market and offering what they seek: communication and direct and rapid interaction with people of their same age and the ability to share content time to get hearts, likes or megusta this platform.

TikTok was a social network that in August 2018 decided to acquire by the not inconsiderable figure of 1,000 million dollars, another growing social network where the most important were the fragments of music videos. Users could record themselves singing or performing a dance and then share it with the entire community to get hearts and answers, which was a hit with the younger crowd. After the acquisition, both platforms merged to operate as a single social network that has achieved success.

TikTok users are growing at times and you shouldn’t be left behind. Of course, if you are a newcomer you will need a few prior tips on how the app works and its entire ecosystem. With this help everything will be easier for you, since we have thoroughly tested the app and all its functions and possibilities.

How to record your own videos with all kinds of sets and share them with the community, how to upload your own videos from the phone gallery, star duets with your friends on the social network and create truly original videos where you both interact, how to continue and see other users and all the content they publish, how to download the videos to save them on your mobile and not always have to enter the app. The basic information so you can move like a fish in the water within the TikTok community

This social network is here to stay and its market share grows, and much, among the youngest. What better way to join the new fashion than discovering all the tricks available so that your videos become a viral phenomenon and you can be the next successful tiktoker.

What is Douyin (from TikTok)

Douyin is the name given to the TikTok app in China , where it is a true viral phenomenon. In the West we know this app as TikTok, but in the Asian market its name is Douyin. This app is a social network that is based on short videos, usually of a musical type, that users can record and edit with their mobile phones and then share them and get the longed-for hearts, the likes of a lifetime. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

What are the most popular TikTok profiles

The TikTok profiles that are most popular and therefore have the most followers are the ones that we present to you. Obviously this list may change over time, who knows if you will soon be among them:

What are the best songs on TikTok

On TikTok there are thousands of songs available in the catalog to use, which ones are the best? Well, the ones you like the most personally will be perfect for you to record your video. That does not mean that there is not a list of most used songs, that there is. The problem is that whether they are better or worse is subjective for each user. We in any case recommend a list of the most used songs on the platform, which indirectly means that they are the most valued by users or the ones that play the most when creating interesting videos.

What are the best challenges on TikTok

It is not easy to say which are the best TikTok challenges: there are thousands of challenges and new ones appear every day, the user community is very creative in this regard. You can actually see which challenges are popular at this particular time from the search section. Normally challenges include a hashtag with the word challenge , so it’s easy to recognize them. We offer you a list of the best challenges to date on TikTok with a short summary so that you can join them yourself by recording your version:

How to stream live video on TikTok

To transmit live video with TikTok the steps to follow are practically traced to those that must be followed to record a normal video but you must take one thing into account: not all users can broadcast live . Although they do not specify it on TikTok, it seems necessary to have more than 1000 followers to be able to broadcast live video. The amount may vary from country to country, but it should be clear to you that at the moment it is a function limited to certain profiles.

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